Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 4 Thursday 2014

Thursday we traveled to  Ntarama where we were greeted by over 300 children. The program was much like the other days, so today I will describe some different details of our trip.

We travel to the various VBS villages in the Sonrise School 30 seat bus which we fill with ourselves, the friends who go with us, and our supplies. We travel on smooth roads most of the way, but the final part of each trip includes bouncing over dirt roads. Today's road was several miles, but we have great faith in God for our protection and our bus driver, Emmanuel.

As we arrive children line the entrance to the parish churches, then they rush inside to worship and learn about Jesus. We are always treated with great honor and ushered to the front for our time in each church. 
Each church has a choir that greets us and worships with several songs often accompanied by dancing.

The Noah story is told to the children by Everest who is in charge of youth and children education for the diocese and interpreted for us by Pastor Magisha. The drama of Noah is performed by children from the Cathedral led by Vestine who is in charge of Sunday School at the Cathedral.

A highlight of our visit is the songs led by our friend and translator, Charles. The children sing, clap and dance with great joy. Our VBS team dances with the children too.

The children and even the adults are often amazed by our talking puppets. They clap during the creation story every time "God says it was good!" and at the birth and resurrection of Jesus.

Today we were again honored by the presence of the Archdeacon and were delighted to find that this church was pastored by Pastor Tito who attended our pastor training last year and is attending again this year. We were very grateful for the hospitality they showed us by serving us refreshments of muffins, rolls, eggs, sodas, and water before we left.

Friday is our last day in Musanze district. We have been blessed by our time here and pray that God will use our feeble efforts for His Glory. We will be sad to leave our forever brothers and sisters and look forward with joyful expectation to our reunion that will require no translators.
Faye with a student from Ntarama

Sock Puppets made by Allison Coates' students
Today we began our day very mindful that our time here in Musanze will soon be coming to a close...tasks to finish...and thanks to be given. The Lord made so many things possible. His grace is amazing! While the VBS team held an appreciation lunch at the Cathedral, we continued pushing forward to complete as much as possible at Sonrise. However Sam, Holli and Millie didn't forget us. We had an awesome hot meal prepared and served on the hood of an suv. Priceless!!

Edward on Quality Control Patrol
This is Eric in front of the supply shed.
To the top
Here's Flo! She is great!
With joy and honor
Pouring cement into the forms
Almost there
Say hello to Odette
Millie Millie Millie!
Dig in DD!
God's Men
With love they shared
This evening we were treated to a incredible dinner at Bishop and Chantal's home. We enjoyed a wonderful time of reflection, laughter and prayer. As the evening came to a close, warm embraces and yes a few tears were unavoidable. We love them so.

Sam pointed out this old cemetery as we walked to Bishops
Laughter with Bishop
Such a pleasure to know this dear couple

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