Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 3 Wednesday Cont… + Jewelry update

Another great day on the Sonrise construction site. Although the work can be tiring, and often challenging, there's not a morning that goes by that The Lord doesn't fill our hearts with excitement to return to Sonrise. Certainly experiencing the material results each day is exciting, but it is the connection Christ has established between us as believers, and the Rwandans, that above all else, will stand in His name and for His glory. We pray the love of Jesus will shine thru us.

We had a surprise visit today from our VBS team. They enjoyed seeing the construction as much as we enjoyed their brief visit. 
Halfway there!
Ladder Making 101
Paul working hard
Power! Thank you Lord!
Ready for concrete 
Support column framed and formed
Support column towering
Taking Shape
This is Janice
VBS at Sonrise
The jewelry-making portion of this trip is going great! We have had around 60-75 local ladies come to the Cathedral every day to learn to make paper beads. They are picking up the skills very quickly, and have moved on to creating jewelry with the beads. Communication is going well, we demonstrate what to do and they pick it up very quickly. On Monday we hosted a breakfast for the jewelry-making and quilt-making ladies where they enjoyed African tea and cakes. Thank you so much for your prayers, they have been answered in the most beautiful ways!
Women outside of the Cathedral
preparing to make Jewelry
He was so proud of his paper bead
Tea Cakes on Monday
Beads made on the first day
Precious little guy wearing
his Mommy's necklace.
Helping Mommy make beads
Working on a special project
Star Students

Part of our precious group

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