Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 3- Wednesday 2014

Wednesday morning we began with prayer and a contemplation of Psalm 57. Like David, we give praise to our God and seek his protection from all enemies that may seek to harm us.

Wednesday we traveled to Gakenke parish for VBS with close to 300 children. We again were able to worship under the leadership of their children's choir. We were honored to be joined by the Archdeacon.

The story of Noah was told and then performed by the drama team from the Cathedral. Our puppets, joined by a special puppet made for us by girls from St. Mary's in Memphis shared the story of creation, the fall, and God's rescue through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

We presented the parish with gifts of balls, bubbles, jump ropes, crayons, murals, and the special gift of the hand puppets from St. Mary's to be used to tell more stories from the Bible.

We were then honored with refreshments in the library the parish is building for the school children.

In the afternoon we visited and toured Sonrise High School with the headmaster.

Next we visited the construction site where we were all impressed by the progress of the construction team. And we were especially impressed by the Rwandan ladies who carry cinder blocks on their heads up ramps in flip flops.

We visited New Hope House, the house Bishop and Chantal built for their 28 orphans. In addition to the beautiful home for the children we saw their farm complete with cows and pigs and crops both to feed the children and to sell to support the house. It is self-sustaining.

Later today (Wednesday) we will visit the hospital with Chantal to feed and pray with the families and patients there.

Gakenke Parish
Elsa in a classroom
Gakenke Noah Drama

The Drama Team
Kristen in front of Hope House 

Pastor Training Team
(Gary, Chris, & Paul)
Pastors on the top floor


  1. Thank you for the great blog posts and pictures. We are so glad to be able to keep up with all that is going on in Rwanda!!

  2. These blogs are great! Thanks for all the effort to keep your prayer team in the loop.
    Susanne Johnson, Tulsa (Mark O's cousin)