Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 5 Friday VBS 2014

Friday we traveled to Gasamari. It was truly a case of Jesus calling the little children to Him. When we arrived there were about 200 children, mostly preschool-aged. Today is the last school day before the school break. But in no time the number of children swelled as the Headmaster of the village school brought all the students to hear God's story today.

We received more wonderful news after presenting the parish with gifts. We were told they would use them not only to share Jesus in the churches, but also in the schools.

This was our last VBS of the trip. God has blessed us with the opportunity to meet and see many, many children over the past five days. Please pray that each and every one of them has or will give their heart to Jesus. We can't wait to hear stories in the future and in heaven of how God has used this opportunity for His Glory and His Kingdom.

Amen from Sonrise
Kids crowded around to hear the story of Noah

Walking into Gasamari
Walking back from Gasamari

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