Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 6, Saturday "Safari"

Morning came around  at 4:30 for us this a.m.  We met in the lobby at 5:00 a.m.,  boarded 4 safari vehicles and left for our 2.5 hour drive to the National Park to begin our 7 hour Safari tour. Bordering the west side of the country of Tanzania and separated by a vast lake this national park is the home to an incredibly vast number of wildlife species. With rich vegetation, the different breeds locate or nest accordingly. So with that being, we saw something different and exciting with each turn we made. 

However, The safari was not without event. One vehicle carrying Kelly, Kristen, David, Phillip and Faye had a flat. The driver and guide fixed it by doing what the Rwandans do best; using whatever they have. With a lil help from Diane (vehicle behind us) and a local who only asked for something to drink to help us, we were back on our way. Then if course there was the group that got stuck in the mud. And again the Rwandans came thru with the finest of their repurposing skills. Anyway...glorious day of fellowship as we took in the miraculous wonder of Gods perfect creation. Such a bold reminder of how AWESOME our Heavenly Father is!!

We all enjoyed a great dinner tonight at The Urban Bistro. A super restaurant, over looking the city lights of Kigali. Great food, fellowship, and fun. And good night it was.

Fun on the Safari with Tom, Janet, and Elsa

Flat tire jack Rwanda style!
Kelly doing a magic show for our "rubber neckers"
Stuck in the mud

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