Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 2- Tuesday Cont… 2014

Much progress at the Sonrise school today. The Rwandan crew welcomed us back to the job site with joy... their enthusiasm second to none. Many things we began yesterday were completed today. With an early morning rain… we contained to whistle while we worked. The Rwandan work ethics are remarkable… truly a testament to their desire to provide for themselves and their families. They are driven and happy.  We experienced our first pour down today, but The Lord saw us through it. We got wet, but our tenacity did not. Was just a reminder that God is in control. The forming for the concrete columns fell in place today without a hitch. Plumbed and secure, the columns will soon support the steal trusses of the roof. The block walls are moving along quiet substantially… moreover the relationships as we work side by side with the Rwandans are developing as Christ uses us to show them his love. I can only describe as a sweet spirit in our presence.

Ricky- fine young man. Whistles while he works!
This is Jack- what a joy!
So eager and willing
Mark has got it figured out!
Rwandan women cook and prepare meals for the workers at the construction site.
Carrying thatch to burn in their kitchen.

This afternoon the VBS team went to "Tom's Village". Tom Allen invited us to be his guest at his home. Tom is an outstanding entrepreneur, faithful man of God, and amazing philanthropist. Caring so deeply for the Rwandans, Tom gives from his heart to help the people of this country have the opportunity to make better lives for themselves. Bringing about the realization that we are ALL Gods children and that he will not forsake us. He will take care of us regardless of our circumstances. The countrysides were heavenly. The sights of the children reaching out to us as our bus approached the village, was humbling. It was a "God" moment. We praised God for allowing us to see the provisions He is making for these gentle people.

A very special "Thank You" to the students of Hutchison School. Uniforms of any kind here are coveted. Those that do have the privilege to wear them just gleam with confidence. This promotes equality and better sense of 'self' among their piers. The Rwandans are grateful for this generous offering of love to their children. These uniforms will be a testament of God our Fathers gift of love in this far away land for many years.

Along with a reverence for the villagers, their jobs, their homes and general well being, we brought the many offerings of clothing and much needed supplies that you all so graciously gave. These articles of clothing, reading glasses, and so many other things will be distributed to the villagers. The things that we give either too much thought to, or not any thought to at all, will make a phenomenal difference in the quality of their lives. IPC- RWANDA THANKS YOU!

VBS crew overlooking Burera Lake
Precious child of God
A life that will search for the future
best ladder in the village
Children of the village
Off go the uniforms- Thank you Hutchison!
Tom's Village
Sam & Tom Allen
Children caring for children

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