Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 1 2014

Dear Church family....greetings from Rwanda! We've just completed our first day of service here. Together we began our day with prayer; asking God to allow us to see through and beyond the physical tasks planned and be ever so mindful it is the gospel of Christ, beyond all else that we must share. It was with His joy in our hearts we embarked. 

Our hotel
The construction team had an awesome day today at the Sonrise School today. We were joined by Rwandans - students, and other local people from the community joined the labor pool. What a blessing to work along side these wonderful, determined people. The Lord blessed us in so many ways. The language barrier was relieved just as one if our good friends from last year's VBS came by to see us. After we unloaded our supplies and got our bearings, progress began. The curious stares from our "co-workers" quickly were replaced by warm smiles and their gentle nature. We anticipate a surge in momentum tomorrow, and look toward to sharing more with you then. God is so good!
Arriving at construction sight with Bishop
Busting up a piece of volcanic rock
Mixing concret by hand

Floreen & Mr. Day building a wall.
Floreen & Mr. Day- same wall. Look at the progress!
Ground Up 
Carrying buckets of concrete
Framing for concrete support columns

Going up

We went to Gitare where there were 500 kids present. Their choir sang for us! Charles and some students from Sonrise led worship and the pastor told the story of Noah. Several young people from the Cathedral came and performed the story of Noah. An elephant and giraffe told the children about creation, the fall, and salvation through Jesus. We colored murals played outside with balls and bubbles. Before we left we got to see the Gitare preschool get their eggs from OneEgg.org. So neat!

Driving to Gitare Pre-School

Receiving their OneEgg
Gitare Recreation
Noah Play

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  1. LOVE these pictures and the descriptions of what you all are doing!!! Keep 'em coming... We're right there with you guys!! Love you all!