Monday, April 7, 2014

Days 7 & 8... 2014

Day 7 was an exciting day for us. We met in the lobby Sunday morning packed and ready to go. We boarded the bus and left to go worship at the Presbyterian church. Several us had been on previous trips and were thrilled for the others that had not. Truly a worship and praise experience like no other. Being surrounded in a foreign land by brothers and sisters in Christ and seeing the the love of Jesus shine thru them as they lift their hands to him in song, touched each of us. Hearing them pray in a language that we could not understand yet could feel, was a blessing. Sharing communion with them, was an honor and something we will always remember. 
Loading up before church
The Treats and Dick before church.

Afterwards we enjoyed a great lunch and a beautiful  afternoon together. Afterwards it was time to say goodbye to both Emanuel and Emanuel...faithful young men of God and special friends of ours. We prayed together in the parking lot of the airport before departing. 

Lunch time

Kigali Airport
Prayer and Goodbye
We had a long wait for our 8:30 flight to Entebbe but as always enjoyed the company of our team. We left a little late, but gave thanks to The Lord for taking us safely to Amsterdam on schedule. We are now on the second to last leg of our journey home from Rwanda. At about 4.5 hours into our 8.5 hour flight to Chicago, we just flew over the southern tip of Iceland and now are crossing over the Labrador Sea. Making way toward Canada, will be landing in Chicago at 2:00pm.
Chris Chris Chris
Headed to Amsterdam
The flight we've been looking for!
Landed safely at O'hare....thank you God.....Customs were a breeze...automated now of course...flight leaves @ 5:55pm. Headed for MEMPHIS!

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