Thursday, June 4, 2015

Uganda - Wednesday June 3 Summary

From David Mattingly:

Wednesday June 3 - Dental

Our dental team had it going on today!! A total of 81 children were treated! The smiles we love so much loved us right back all day long. We are so thankful for God providing us with the opportunity not only to help these growing children but to show them love. 

Faye, Jay, Christopher, Jessica, and Margaret Ann did a fantastic job caring and loving these children. 

Margaret Ann became our CTP (Chief Tooth Puller) today...way to go MABs!!

All finished -- Look at those smiles!

Dr. Jay

Wednesday June 3 - Medical

Great day today for all of our teams. Flexibility was Gods plan for us today. We moved the pastors wives meeting to a room above the medical/dental clinic. We invited them to bring their children so they could be seen by one of the doctors assembled this week at RG. So many were sick. Some were very sick. Most of those the sickest tested positive for Malaria. They were treated with antibiotics and anti malaria medication. 

Laura Conway treating a child in the medical building. 

Wednesday - Pastors Wives

Lisa and Diane had another sweet day with the Pastors wives. They had a time of teaching followed by a time sharing and encouragement. When you hear their testimonies, you realize these women have some of the same struggles faced by American women. Their struggles to raise their children in the path of righteousness along with financial shortfalls are just a few. With the use of scripture and our own testimonies we hopefully offered these pastors wives hope and the promise of deliverance.

Lisa with the Pastors Wives

From Ed Norton

IPC Memphis is participating in a short-term project at Restoration Gateway (RG) in Karuma, Uganda. RG has approximately 75 employees. Each morning we meet with the employees in three small groups to discuss the Gospel. We meet from 7:30 to 8:30 AM just prior to a day of pastor training. This is a pic of my small group. They have been a great encouragement to me. Ed

Ed and his small group
Ed and his three translators for the week

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