Monday, June 1, 2015

More June 1

Good Morning Uganda !
Our morning started with the sound of roosters, an awesome sunrise, and a fine breakfast prepared by our very own Allen, Cannon!

The men joined the devotion held in the gym here at Restoration Gateway. Such a blessing and honor to see these young men and women of this community gather with such passion and desire for God's word. 

From Elizabeth Martin: Women's empowerment had 15 "House Mamas" to gather today to learn a trade. They began to learn how to make earrings and keychains. This will provide  them with much needed income to pay for school for school for their children.

From Jay Mitchum: "Restoration Gateway"  is an incredible place where God is doing amazing things. Because of the work being done in this awesome place,120 Ugandan children will one day be sent out into the real world with a firm grasp of the Gospel and a deep love for Jesus, a superior education, and fluency in English. RG is not only changing the lives of the orphaned children it serves, but also it is slowly but surely changing Northern Uganda

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