Saturday, June 6, 2015

Thursday afternoon

From David Mattingly

Thursday afternoon was incredibly special at RG. At 4 p.m. Our team and the people of RG gathered in the gym for a time song and fellowship with one another. Our team, the pastors, their wives and the RG teachers, embraced the spirit filled moment with humbleness.

It was with high energy and  total excitement that the children (120 +) received brand new shoes and socks for school and church. Their faces were gleaming!

This marked the beginning of our goodbyes to RG. Although we were leaving Saturday, we were blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy some down time experiencing the natural marvels our creator.

Packing, goodbyes and last minute details had to be done. This was certainly a challenge as we continued to work with the absence of electricity since Wednesday night. God provided and all was done with love and joy. 

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