Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday, June 1

What a full day we've had! It's a little after midnight here in Rwanda, but I can't sleep without recording some of our day first.

We started the day with the pastors' wives and the single mothers. Faye counted and said we had 150 women with us! Praise God for giving us an excellent review of our teaching and some great discussion with our new friends.

We also got to spend a few minutes in the parish preschool and watched the children get their morning snack from One Egg. Please take a look at their website and read about this amazing ministry. It is changing the lives of these precious children in a very practical way.

After visiting the school, we headed back to the church and were humbled by the heartfelt speeches from two of the wives, the Arch-Deacon, and Chantal. Each of them spoke of how needed these Bible studies were and that the lessons learned would be repeated to others as the pastors' wives go back to their villages. The wives and the Arch-Deacon even recounted some of the Bible lessons we had taught. We give all the glory to God. We served lunch and also ate lunch with the women before saying "goodbye" to the pastors' wives and "see you tomorrow" to the single mothers. Pray we can be an encouragement to them tomorrow as we discuss that they are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made and as we teach them knitting.

We picked up the boys at Sonrise, where they had been repairing more windows. We headed to the hospital in Musanze to serve lunch. This was a very heartbreaking experience. We were a little worried that there would not be enough food. We started praying that God would provide a "fishes and loaves" experience. He did. There was enough food to give extra people lunch. Please pray for these people.

Dinner tonight was at Lake Kivu - so beautiful! We stopped for a little souvenir shopping on our way and Wanda got to try carrying a basket like African women do! (Everyone needs to take a trip with Wanda!!!)

We see such gorgeous scenery on our drives here. This evening we passed several tea plantations. We also see many crazy things, like bicyclists hanging on to the back of a truck and a cow in a moving truck knocking over a man on the street! Rwanda is an amazing country!

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