Sunday, June 5, 2016

Saturday, June 4

Most of us got up before dawn today and headed to Akagera National Park for a safari! We couldn't come to Africa and not go on a safari.

(Faye and Phillip stayed in Kigali today and explored a museum and a market. We missed them!)

The safari was so fun. We were so close to so many animals. It was amazing! It's really hard to pick a favorite from our adventure. The only animal we didn't get to see was the elephant. Still, we were not disappointed at all!

Tonight we ended with a fantastic dinner at our hotel, Heaven. The owners have a really neat story and if you get a chance, you should read their book. Faye, Phillip, Kelly, and Kristen were very happy to catch up with Charles, a friend from a previous mission.

Tomorrow is our last day here in Rwanda.  While we are ready to go home to our families, we are also sad to leave this beautiful place and the beautiful Rwandan people. We all feel there is much more to do. We're all leaving a little piece of our hearts here.