Monday, June 6, 2016


We made it home this evening around 7pm! Travel is always a bit unpredictable and we are thankful that things went relatively smoothly.

After a couple hours of delay in Kigali, we made it to Brussels. Brussels had extra security and it took more time than expected to get through. Our Brussels to Chicago flight went smoothly. Customs was quick - Praise the Lord! We boarded our flight to Chicago, but had to wait for about an hour at the gate so an oxygen mask could be repaired. Jeremy counted 40 hours between the Kigali airport and Memphis and 7 security checkpoints! Whew!

While we were waiting in at the Chicago airport, a lady also waiting commented that after 10 days together we all seemed to still like each other. And we really do. I learned so much serving next to these men and women. I am thankful for each member of our team and the unique talents he or she has. It was a privilege to be on this mission team.

There's so much more to say and process as we reenter "real life". Please pray for us as we deal with jet lag, return to jobs and responsibilities, and continue to reflect on our Rwandan mission experiences.

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