Sunday, May 31, 2015

Uganda - Sunday May 31 Entebbe to Karuma

We woke this morning rested and refreshed to the newness of a beautiful surrounding that was obscured by the darkness when we arrived last night.
Thankful for a good breakfast and clear skies we gathered for our 5 hour bus ride to Karuma. For some, the time was spent resting as others shared about themselves , their faith and their families.

The Lord cared for us as we journeyed, keeping  the storms at bay as the roads before us were always pointed to the blue.  As far as the road..well let's just say we Americans do love our asphalt ! Sweet times!

MADE IT ! Just arrived at Restoration Gateway. Settling in now...enjoying the sights and sounds of the children playing kickball. Soon to have a time of worship, praise and song.
God is Good!

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