Sunday, April 15, 2012

We Made It!

We finally made it to Rwanda last night and checked into our hotel around midnight and arose early around 7am this morning for worship at the Ruhengeri Cathedral. What a first day it has been! The service was awesome, and we even did some hand-waving and belted out some Hallelujahs -- what a great way to start our first day in Rwanda!

The people are incredibly warm and welcoming. They've embraced us like family, and their hospitality has been so powerful and moving.

We struck out on our first adventure after church this morning for a great lunch at a beautiful 4-star hotel called Lake Kivu Serena settled right on the beach of the gorgeous Lake Kivu. Surrounded by fog-covered mountains, the lake looks like it's straight off of a post card. We took a quick ride to the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo while we waited for our lunch to be prepared, and that was a neat experience.

We have since traveled back to the hotel in Musanze where we are preparing for VBS to strike up mid-week. And later tonight, we will dine at the home of Bishop Mbanda.

So far, our experience has been amazing and humbling, and we all look forward to life in Rwanda for the next several days! Look out for further updates as we work with and serve the people of Rwanda!

God Bless!


  1. SO GLAD YOU ALL MADE IT! IPC was abuzz this morning with your progress. We love you and are with you 110% in prayers and encouragement. Sending big hugs, too. LOVE, Lindsey

  2. Sang, "The King of love my Sherherd is, Whose goodness faileth never; I nothing lack if I am His and he is mine forever," yesterday morning and my thoughts and prayers turned to y'all. May you see how His goodness faileth never every minute of your adventure in Rwanda! love, mary beth